UPLB Feb Fair (2016)

“UPLB’s version of Coachella”, my friend said.

So, this was my first time attending University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) Feb fair and I could say that a lot of fun memories are going to be cherished. 😀

February 10 (Wednesday) Ebe Dancel’s performance

Since Wednesday night, I’ve been in the Freedom Park going to stalls to stalls with my friends an watching performances by different bands and other artists.

Grilled corn covered in salt and butter

I have observed that grilled corn is the “trend” during the fair. Almost every stall offers this! We bought this for only 20 Php! It costs low but it tastes delicious. (Except that I wear braces so it is kinda hard for me to eat it >_<)

My friend calls this game “piso game”.

A fair would not be complete without this!! It is a supeeeer ADDICTING game. Once you Read More


Hearts Day

I am prepared that I would not get any flowers from people today but it was quite a shock that my dad also gave me (other than my mom) and my sister a flower. Let us remember that our father is the first man of our life. 😉 Did something special happen to you this […]

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[Day 1] 30 Day Blogging Challenge

When I was scrolling through blogs that has “first blog” tags on them, I saw @sarah_fiske’s blog (https://sarah647.wordpress.com/2016/02/07/30-day-blogging-challenge-day-one/#comments).

I find it interesting so I started to do this challenge to! I am still new to blogging so it also helps as a guide to what you can blog.

20 Random Facts About Me 🙂

  1.  I like pink hahaha but when you scan through my closet, you’ll see lots of navy blue, white and black clothes.
  2.  I live in the Philippines.
  3.  I am a fan of Luhan ❤
  4.  I love to take pictures of random stuffs.
  5.  I just realized that it is just number five and I already don’t know what to write about  myself :/
  6.  I want to travel the world but first, I like to travel the 7,101(+400)  islands of the Philippines because it is good to know better about the country you came from.
  7.  I snore in my sleep when I am really really tired. (but not the super loud type of snore)
  8.  I loooooove mango shakes!
  9.  I plan on being an exchange student two years from now 🙂
  10.  My height is 160cm? or 161cm?
  11.  I am underweight 😥 But I am trying to eat more so I could gain more weight 😀
  12.  I haven’t had a boyfriend. And yes I am a girl. (after rereading this blog, I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten that girls are not the only ones who have boyfriends 😉 )
  13.  I am scared of ghost but not of killers. Uhm, I prefer thriller movies with gory scenes than horror movies that features ghosts in it >_<
  14.  I dance to Sistar songs. (not the kind of dancing like professional dancers do though)  I do it just for fun 😀
  15.  This week, I’ve been singing Hands to Myself by Selena whenever I’m in the shower or walking in the streets. (“I mean I could, but why would I want to?”)
  16.  I can’t do a not so messy “messy bun”.
  17.  I’ve joined a pageant once when I was in high school. (a year and a half from now)
  18.  I am only 16.
  19.  I’ve started to use Snapchat yesterday and I am quite amused.
  20.  I’ve been planning on doing a blog since last year but I kept on saying “I’ll do it later”. At last, I had the chance to say “I’ll do it now”.


So, these are 20 random facts about me 🙂

I challenge YOU to start and accomplish this challenge. Feel free to comment below some random facts about yourself! You can also give me the link of your post if you decided to do this 30-day blogging challenge. (You can save the picture below to start the challenge!)

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

❤ Diwata


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First Blog

Hello, World!


This was what Penny Porter a.k.a. Girl Online wrote on her first blog.

I’ve just read Girl Online by Zoe Sugg a week ago and it really inspired me to write my own blog! 😀

Just like what she did, I am going to post anonymously because it helps me to be more honest with myself. It also feels good to have a secret gateway (which is this blog) wherein I can post all my thoughts that I can’t share to people I am with.

I would like to talk with you about many things! I would like to share with you what is also on my mind and I hope we can share different stories about our life 🙂

If you don’t mind, I would like to ask a few tips on writing a blog since I am still a newbie at this. Just comment below and share your thoughts! 🙂

❤ Diwata


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